Self-sustainable vegetarians

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Self-sustainable vegetarians

Post by Fayne » Mon Dec 01, 2014 12:16 pm

Would it be possible to add a bit more vegetable and fruit dishes to the game? I was thinking of maybe adding the ability to slice cabbages and tomatoes and other fruits and veggies to add them to a mixing bowl, then they could be TOSSed into a salad, either fruit or veggie variety. This could make it possible to make a meal for anyone who doesn't want to have to buy extra ingredients for every meal they make. A proper salad could require at least three ingredients, possibly four, and perhaps some cooking herbs could be added for extra flavor, or maybe we could get something to help us extract the oils from things like mint to make dressings, and of course honey could be added to fruit salads, along with perhaps chocolate, and walnuts could be added to both, along with croutons. So salads could be made without buying anything extra, just like meat and stews, but they would have the option of having stuff added to them that could be bought so they're a bit of a riln sink as well.
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Re: Self-sustainable vegetarians

Post by crystal2014 » Mon Dec 01, 2014 12:29 pm

Good Idea, perhaps the salad would have to be shaken to mix it together. So it would say something like, you shake a bowl of salad but it isn't quite ready to be served, and when it is finally ready, It could say something like a well tossed salad is ready to eat. A veggie stew would be nice as well. perhaps 3 veggies water or stock, and a pack of noodles. May be even a veggie pie 3 veggies, water or stock, and butter with the pie crust. What would be really nice is if artisans could forge pots, baking sheets, spoons, and skillets. These idems could be added under the commodity option.

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Re: Self-sustainable vegetarians

Post by Rias » Mon Dec 01, 2014 11:51 pm

Noted. Cooking is long overdue for an update/overhaul/upgrade.
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