Pie Discrepancy

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Pie Discrepancy

Post by Fayne » Wed Aug 26, 2015 8:51 pm

I noticed something that kinda has me curious. When you make a meat pie, it takes six ingredients: meat, three veggies, stock, and crust. When making fruit pies, it requires half of that, needing only two fruit or substitute ingredients, and crust. However, a fruit pie has 8 bites while a meat pie only has 6. I guess this isn't really that big of deal, but my reason for concern is this: I'm not aware of how the system works for determining how full something makes you, but I assume it is predetermined and independant of the number of bites. That being said, I still wonder if meat pies are as effective as fruit pies, and wonder if maybe they shouldn't be more effective, since they require much more to make. Perhaps the number of bites on meat pies could be bumped up a tad as well.
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