How to join the Corvus Outpost

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How to join the Corvus Outpost

Postby Noctere » Sat May 17, 2014 3:48 pm

I have heard a few comments lately of players asking how to join the Corvus Outpost so I thought I would write a bit about that.

The two best ways to enter the Outpost are to find a current Corvite to refer you or send a letter to the current leader of the outpost directly. This does not guarantee you access but here are a few things that will help your chances and a few general tips.

#1 We tend to avoid recruiting quick one time alts. (Alternate player accounts)
The reason behind this is that if we let every alt join then we would have a big empty town full of empty alts. Also, from experience many players have shown difficulty separating their OOC knowledge between those alts. Some examples would be Mr. Shadgard player learns that there is an event in Corvus, so he logs off his current alt and onto his Corvus alt. Another example would be a Church player suddenly suspecting that Corvus is up to something, when he himself just did something in Corvus with his other Alt.

#2 Play your prospective Corvus character for a good amount of time.
We want to see how you RP that character. Your character should fit with the Corvus RP BEFORE you join. Be patient with this, take some time to interact with others. This can be done in many ways and does not necessarily mean you need to be a super social person. I have seen some very good RP done by mutes or through actions. Or you can outright let it be known of your stance on certain subjects or of certain afflictions etc etc. In any case, take some time to do this and have fun with it.

#3 Being part of a guild that is considered 'evil' or 'shady' does not guarantee access.
I have seen some instances of a few players that made a quick "shady' guild alt in the hopes of joining the outpost. Once again this does not guarantee that you will able to join. It can however be a sign that you a RPing in the right direction and thus could improve your chances. Vice versa, do not join the templars or monks and expect to be able to join the Outpost.

#4 Avoid killing shopkeepers, players and horses to show how 'evil' you are.
Referencing the old D&D system of moral alignment, most Corvites would fall under 'Lawful Evil'. This means that many of the Corvus denizens are considered evil but they do respect the rule of law enough that they can form together in one area without killing each other, outright. As a GM staff we tend to find the killing of shopkeepers a bit irksome, it -CAN- be done with the right RP circumstances but most people that randomly kill things for no reason would fall under the 'Chaotic Evil' alignment and thus would not be a good match to join a society. Killing other players and horses -CAN- also be done but remember to have a good reason for doing so, don't just kill things to earn evil brownie points. From an OOC perspective griefing is also a BIG no-no, but that is a subject for another time.

#5 Why do you want to join?
Before even trying to join, think up some real reasons why your character would want to. Don't just think "Grrrrr I'm evil, me want join evil place and do evil things!"

#6 How would the outpost benefit from your membership?
What skills do you bring or how do you think you could help the outpost? Are you rich or do you think you could help add wealth to the outpost somehow? etc etc There are many ways to help, so be creative.

#7 Keep in mind that not all Corvites hate the church or dislike those that practice thaumaturgy.

#8 Also keep in mind that once you join, your reputation with Shadgard and a few other places will 'normally' go down.
The outpost has a bad rep with others, this is due to many attacks on the other towns as well as what goes on within its walls.

Last but not least, please do not let this discourage you. WE WANT YOU TO JOIN but we want to make sure it will be a fun experience for everyone.
It's not easy being evil...

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