Money matters!

Mercenaries of the Western Coalition, specializing in nonmagical combat and tactics.
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Money matters!

Post by Zoiya » Fri Jul 24, 2015 2:46 pm

Irwin was seen outside of the barracks earlier today and was asked about how things were going with the Coalition, specifically the grumblings that have been going on about less than stellar pay. Irwin made a wry grin and chuckled, "Well we are a pretty affluent organization, we have a lot of good men out there earning their keep, and we want to show them that it is noticed. After getting together with Locke and a few other men and having a discussion, we decided that more pay is in order for our hard workers. They deserve it."

OOC : A new system has been implemented for mercenaries, and as you complete tasks for the Coalition you should eventually see a raise in pay. I'm not going to go into details and numbers, but expect to make more money if you are vigilant in completing the tasks given to you by your guild leaders.
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