Mercenary Ability Suggestions

Mercenaries of the Western Coalition, specializing in nonmagical combat and tactics.
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Mercenary Ability Suggestions

Post by Marauder » Wed Mar 01, 2017 12:16 am

So, I've been playing a Mercenary off and on and I've noticed that Coup de Mort is typically hard to land even when your opponent has multiple severe level wounds and is at exhausted stamina and that Adrenaline Rush, while its buff is powerful, pales in comparison to Victory Rush in two ways. To give Mercs more variety as well as make different play styles more viable and more interesting, I'm suggesting the addition of several abilities. This is by no means a set in stone list, the staff is free to rip the ideas and do whatever with them, I'd just like to see Mercenaries have a bit more training options available. TCELES is also to blame for these ideas, as he was helping me think of stuff.

Mercenary Regimen:
Requires Melee Focus.
You train harder than others and have a natural talent for learning how to use various close range armaments. You also learn how to swing the weapons with more ease after a point, granting a small reduction to energy cost when performing basic attacks. (A decent or good buff to skill gains in all melee range weapon types. -1 or -2 on energy costs when "attack"ing using weapon you have at least some familiarity with, maybe 250 skill?)

Advanced Armor Use:
Requires armor use skill of semi-high level. (500-1000?)
You have training in how to make the most out of medium and heavy armors and can apply this knowledge to light armor, at least to a lesser degree. (You get a small energy cost reduction in armor. I'm not sure how to even call this since I don't know what would be appropriate, but maybe -2 energy costs to medium and heavy armor, -1 to light armor.)

Requires Mercenary Regimen and at least 1000 melee.
Through your skill in and knowledge of close combat, you gain insight on momentum and how to abuse it for your own gain. Sometimes, you can swing a weapon well enough to direct the momentum in shortening the span between your ongoing attack and your next attack. (Small (25%?) chance to perform a basic attack that has -1 to -2 seconds on its round time, effectively allowing you to make a second attack that much quicker.)
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