Defensive abilities

Mercenaries of the Western Coalition, specializing in nonmagical combat and tactics.
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Defensive abilities

Post by Lun » Tue Oct 24, 2017 5:54 am

In my humble opinion, mercenaries are a group created to protect the interests of their employers. That being said, they have nothing in way of defensive abilities or such.

I'm aware that tactics guardian is a generalized ability and many of the melee abilities were generalized. It would be cool to have some special abilities to enhance their ability to protect a single vip target though.

Not that I have an ability suggestion with it. Just rambling about this group and what'd be cool to see.

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Re: Defensive abilities

Post by preiman » Thu Oct 26, 2017 10:57 am

it might be nice if they got access to Preemptive Guardian. Actually, I could see both the mercenaries and the Wyrvardn having that ability and maybe something that works a little like stalwart. I think both would make sense given the two groups and the sort of training they might want their members to have.
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