Mistral Mutterings

Built on a lake, shrouded in unnatural fog, and under the law and protection of the mysterious Mistveil Keep.
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Mistral Mutterings

Post by Rias » Mon Aug 10, 2015 12:37 pm

There have been many mutterings and rumors around Mistral Lake lately, some residents going so far as to throw around the word "civil unrest". A metaphorical gloom appears to have settled over the town to accompany the ever-present physical gloom, with citizens speaking in hushed, worried tones and keeping their heads down - save for those bold few who are brazen enough to speak out loudly against Mistveil Keep and its distant, apathetic disconnection from its citizens.

Are any of the rumors true? Are these the stirrings of a just rebellion against tyranny or of a coup by power-hungry conspirators who seek to take the seat of power in the Keep for themselves? The opinion seems to vary widely depending on who you ask or overhear.
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