Mistwatch Recruiting

Built on a lake, shrouded in unnatural fog, and under the law and protection of the mysterious Mistveil Keep.
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Mistwatch Recruiting

Post by Rias » Tue Jan 05, 2016 12:08 pm

The Mistwatch is recruiting again! This is a volunteer group of citizens willing to defend, fight, investigate and scout abroad, and so forth for the good of Mistral Lake and Mistveil Keep. I say "volunteer" because there is no regular pay (specific services may be compensated, however) and there is also no rigid time commitment. By joining, you're essentially saying you'll do what you can when you can for the good of the town, and that your skills and services are at the disposal of the Town and the Keep should they call on you.

Naturally, you need to be a registered citizen of the town to join, which means you have to own a home or regularly live in a home and have a vouching letter from the homeowner. Citizenship can be applied for at the Mistral Lake Citizen Services building. More homes will be added soon (within the week) to accommodate people who wish to seek citizenship.

Word of warning: Before joining, you should have a feel for what Mistral Lake and Mistveil Keep are like. Don't jump into it on impulse, because you may be called on to do something that might make you uncomfortable if you don't know the general "feel" of this place, and anyone who knows the Keep knows that saying no to them may not be the wisest course of action.

My usual last notes: This is meant to be largely driven by PCs, and constant interaction and guidance from NPCs should not be expected, though the NPCs will certainly occasionally give orders and missions, take reports, meet with members, and so on.
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Re: Mistwatch Recruiting

Post by Mooshie » Tue Jan 05, 2016 1:06 pm

Mooshie might be an odd fit, but he's ready to do what he can in service of his new hometown! Look forward to seeing what lies ahead.

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