Do you support the municipality?

Built on a lake, shrouded in unnatural fog, and under the law and protection of the mysterious Mistveil Keep.
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Do you support the municipality?

Postby CLOK » Thu Jul 28, 2016 5:24 pm

Unrest seems to be growing in Mistral Lake once again, with papers and pamphlets being found around town bearing messages that condemn Mistveil Keep or encourage the citizens to resist and defy the government. The Nine Representatives remind the citizens of Mistral Lake that the Representatives are there to convey their requests and concerns to the Master of the Keep, and encourage civility over violent displays of outrage or defiance. Indeed, those whom take the wrong channels of displaying their lack of contentment with the government are likely to find their necks resting on the newly-installed headsman's block in Town Square, where all may see what happens to those who resort to uncivil barbarity in making their concerns known.

As a reminder, the Mistwatch is still recruiting those citizens whom would serve their city and keep it safe. Interested parties may address mail (NPCmail) to Mistwatch to make their interest known. Loyalty to the city and to the Keep will be rewarded. Do keep in mind that only citizens of Mistral Lake may apply to the Mistwatch, which is to say, only homeowners. More homes will be on the market soon, for those who are only waiting for the opportunity.

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