Characters game: give me idioms

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Characters game: give me idioms

Post by artus » Wed Jul 17, 2019 3:03 am

It was a fun idea I just came up after quite a chat with Vaelin, Alila, Britany and a few people on chat. It goes like this:
You pick an idiom or proberb/quote for one or more clok characters of your choice. The idioms/proberbs/quotes can be from English speaking cultures or translated from any other languages, and you can select as many characters as you like. One idiom/proverb/quote can apply to more than one chars at once, and one char can apply to many idiom/proverb/quote at once as well. I'll start with mine then:

Alila: "tiny but red chilli" (a Thai proverb that means having more than just tiny/harmless look)
Rylai: "You are but a hidden holy grenade"
Kent: "Sane and crazy, fuzzy and fussy, I don't know what goes first"
Ketran: "Hidden sharp in the sheeth" (a Thai proverb)
Tallan: "Woman of endless possibilities"
Zoe: "prankster with explosive passion to have fun"
Dorn: "Heavy hulk with heavy unpredictability"
Adtai: "Still water runs deep" (A Thai proverb)
Frodstigr: "Walking dedicated passion"

I still have more to come, but I'm running out of words in my mind now. You guys have anything to give? Go for it.
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Re: Characters game: give me idioms

Post by Math321 » Thu Jul 18, 2019 4:04 pm

Is it too self-indulgent of me to write one for Quintin? "Heavy hammer, light heart."

...Okay, his forging-hammer is only 3 pounds, but... *shrug*
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Re: Characters game: give me idioms

Post by Mafuane » Thu Jul 18, 2019 6:05 pm

this is a really fun idea! thanks for making us think about our characters this way

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