A wife and her head (Octum Poem)

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A wife and her head (Octum Poem)

Post by Xanthe » Sun Oct 11, 2015 4:28 pm

I love October. I love Clok. I'm starting to call October Octum in real life, too.
This turned out to be a bit longer than I expected, but I hope it'll light up someone's day. Thanks to all of those people who rp with me! It's really fun.

A Wife and her Head

Joemilen was the head of the foremens,
and a very good head was he,
he oversaw many a foreman's task
and was paid as a worker- times three.

He drank every night till he nearly was ill
and gambled his riln on a cast
until ev'ry piece that Joem had earned
in dicey fortunes, been lost.

they were lacking in still-able bodies,
and Joem, well, he yet had one,
so to curtail his debt, they slit through his neck,
and said to his head, "There. We're done."

Now what's the former head- head of the foremen
Got left in life left to do?

Joemhead was taken aback to his wife
on a fine-polished silvery plate
She wasn't prepared for the dish that he shared
as he promised the finest of dates.

She scowled at his head, and said
'That's just well,
but who will tell our small Lass?
At least if they'd cut you near-bottom,
I could tell her her da is an ass.'

But he pleaded so sweetly with his lovely gal
that she sighed and forgave him anew,
So Joemhead, his wife and his little girl
sat down for their evening stew.

She took her husbhead out for a walk
and with gritted teeth, he complained
that by holdin' him up so he could look up above
she never got wet when it rained.

So she rolled his head up under her fat, flabby arm
and tilted his head upside down
And his weary head shook with each step she took
until his socketed eyes rolled around.

Joem no longer wears the trousers
Nor will his girth make her swoon
But he can still smile that mischevious smile
and his lips can yet carry a tune.

What is a wife to do with her head
who she promised a life when they married?
He cannot catch his sweet wife if runs,
but why, tell me why would she tarry?

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