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Character Voice!

Post by Alila » Sat Dec 15, 2018 8:12 am

Often it's the very small but pervasive aspects of our characters that define them the most. What parts of your characters dialogue do you make a conscious effort to maintain? Are there any subtler ones? Maybe there are some you have noticed in other characters that you really appreciate or enjoy? Is there a quote or phrase you have always wanted to say as your character, or that you think sounds exactly like something they might say? Finally, if you could pick someone to voice your character, who would it be?
I can start!
There are three things for Alila:
-Uses of um, but less so when asking a direct question on her own initiative.
-Almost always addresses questions or statements to a person by name.
-The less comfortable or at ease she feels, the less she refers to herself in the conversation.
I really like:
-Zeldryn's use of the speech settings.
-Weiss's and Waylyn's bravado
-Ketran is always so quiet!
Sorry, I'm not too sure about quotes or voices. :(
Remember everything here is OOC and should not be used against you in the court of law? Maybe? :D But if the commenting on interesting character traits of other characters makes anyone uncomfortable I can remove it or just feel free to ignore it. Hopefully this should be fun for everyone!
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Re: Character Voice!

Post by artus » Sat Dec 15, 2018 8:31 am

Interesting. While we already have a topic about how characters sound like, this one should definitely be a go too.
Let's see what I have for Artus :
- Always casual, almost never sounds serious.
- Speaks in a naturally soft but warm voice, so natural that I'm too lazy to include speech and tone for him all the time.:p
- Uses "hmm?" when addressed, and "yar" as confirmation a lot. (Everyone knows I use these a lot ooc too, but Artus is the only ic char who does).
- The closest to his voice would be this :

(He voices Hyuga Neji in the Japanese version of Naruto). Difference is that Artus sounds much younger, almost takes on female like quality, yet he still sounds obviously masculine.

Now, to characters I like :
- Zoe's hellos
- Saeda when she sounds serious (though Artus doesn't have taste for seriousness).
- Zeldryn's way of talking. His voice is never monotone.:p
- Jasan's jolly groovy charming talking style. Just can't hear it anywhere else man.
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Re: Character Voice!

Post by vidor » Wed Jan 30, 2019 6:34 pm

I definitely think that my characters aren't fully fleshed out until I get how they speak and what they sound like. For example
- Jasan's 'Jolly good'
- Rakar's 'yes' and 'I am mighty' whenever he doesn't know what to say.
- Ketran's quiet voice
- Bartan's 'sweet soulstice.'

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Re: Character Voice!

Post by Hakkon » Thu Jan 31, 2019 3:46 pm

For Hakkon it's:
The Obvious
- Exclamation marks! When he greets people it's just short of yelling! Yes, very good!
- He uses 'aye' regularly, and sometimes in concert with other affirmatives
- He goes deadpan usually when he's sassing someone 9 times out of ten "Aye, let us just have a wrestle with the infested bear, yes?"

The possibly less obvious
- The man does not know what a contraction is. I think maybe they're difficult for his mouth to make, and he doesn't get common quite well enough to be certain the meaning will be clear otherwise
- Most questions end with a request for confirmation, usually a 'yes' "Let us go and have a look, yes?" "He is on the run, yes?"
- Again I think because of the language roots I've assigned him his sentence structure is a little weird. The subject of the sentence near always comes first, at least when switching subjects (and honestly when it doesn't it's usually because I'm slipping) "You are alright?" "The bank would be where?" "And he is running...why?"

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Re: Character Voice!

Post by xavier » Fri Feb 01, 2019 5:25 am

I'm not going to go into all of my characters but some notable ones are
Xavier doesn't have a voice. well he does, but nobody has ever heard it. He gets his point across through sign and hours of RP has been generated because of it. So much so, that we got told off by a church acolyte once.
Zarh wasn't bright to begin with and all the punches to the head over his life have addled him much further. Imagine redneck hillbilly with a sort of brogue.
Gortello is boisterous, happy, enthusiastic, and most of the time caring. He's also a bit excitable and while I keep forgetting about tones and speech i use socials and sometimes emotes to bolster the words.
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Re: Character Voice!

Post by Zeldryn » Sat Feb 09, 2019 9:39 am

First-- Thanks for the compliments guys! :D I love the speech settings.

I like to think of Zeldryn as having a bit of a cockney drawl. For the most part, he makes a conscious effort to try and mask his accent, but in his more passionate (and drunken) moments, it comes out in force. It's why he tends to combine so many of his words, or almost slur them together at points. (S'all right instead of It's alright, g'day instead of good day, yer' instead of your, etc.) I picture said accent as.. Well, like I said. A sort of Britishy/irishy cockney swagger with a pirate twist.

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