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Re: Skinning - progressions

Post by Kunren » Sat Jan 16, 2016 11:56 am

Rias wrote:Hmmm. I'll have to do some testing myself. If you're having trouble getting gains, that means you should be getting good-quality skins from whatever you're skinning (since they're not enough of a challenge to get gains), and in that case, progression for the sake of progression isn't really necessary. That might not be the case, though.

Whatever the case, adding more areas with skinnable critters (that aren't infested) is high on my priority list at the moment, so I'll keep challenge rating stuff in mind. I just need to come up with things that would believably be tougher to skin in some way if it's required. I never liked the idea of things like "Grizzly bears are 10x harder to skin than black bears because they're 10x more difficult to fight in combat."

TL;DR: Looking into it.
I'd personally think that a few factors would go into difficulty of skinning.

1.Size, larger it is the longer it would take and more likely you would be to make mistakes.
2.Toughness of hide: Some things are literally easier to jab a knife through than others, whether it be because they are really densely muscled, have crocodile skin, or whatever.
3.Commonness. Generally, a lot of people would know how to skin a deer and it would be fairly common knowledge of the correct techniques and practices. For most livestock, same thing. Not to many people will know the correct method to skin a snow leapord or rhinoceros however.
4.Familiarity: I don't think it would matter terribly much how many times you've skinned a deer if you decide you wanna go skin a snake, and there would be different challenges and body types to take into effect, which would both be more difficult and help you learn more.

I think that with these 4 factors (or more if I've missed some) a pretty wide variety of difficulties could be achieved.
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