Knapping billet

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Knapping billet

Postby Lun » Wed Mar 29, 2017 11:56 am

It'd be cool if blacksmiths, or artisan blacksmiths, could forge a knapping billet for survivalists. A handaxe is handy, and useful in combat as well as in chopping wood, but giving so many features to one tool wears it out really quickly.

Knapping billets have a solid metal head and are small, easy to carry around in a pouch and are durable. Probably unrepairable, you can order new ones to replace them as they wear out.

In the case of some rocks that aren't able to be used as a knapping medium against itself, i.e. obsidian can't be used to knap WITH, only as a material, it would be super handy to have a lightweight knapping tool at the ready.

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