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Player Run Events

Post by Vinz » Sat Mar 07, 2015 12:58 pm

As you might have seen in the past, we have had a few players step up to organize events on behalf of their guilds, to create general social interactions as well as other reasons completely baffling. This is something we GMs absolutely love to see (and you may notice we randomly raise the stakes on some hunts to give you guys a thrill or otherwise interact with you) and I would like to extend the olive branch as the Event's GM. If you are interested in doing an event and need something like an event space created (a tent, pavilion or the likes perhaps with a temporary cooking fire, food, etc) then you can contact me and i will do my best to provide. I have come upon having some extra time in my schedule in the following weeks (I'll have a mini little vacation here shortly then be back hitting it hard) and would love to provide you with some support. I can make trophies (though I'd like a good deal of your own input for how they look, etc) for events if you choose to do them as well as other things. I will not be handing out prizes of unique quality or anything of the likes outside of the normal avenues, so don't advertise that your going to be giving away bars of sunsteel or anything, but minor prizes can be arranged (though it would be MUCH better if you arrange them yourselves.)

Also don't be afraid to do something to educate the public in an entertaining way of your guilds goals. Dwaedn Wyr organizing hunts (as we've seen) is very much in the spirit of the guild. Some guilds (Tse Gaiyan comes to mind) have already asked their membership to begin such efforts, id like to see more people doing such things for their own guilds. If you have any questions feel free to email me at my guru address or leave me a message here. I look forward to working with you folks and even more so to working with people who have never tried something like this before. Clok is better with players who are interested in making it better! This is something you can do solely on your own, but I'm here to try to make it a little more special!

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