I disabled my BBS PMs.

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I disabled my BBS PMs.

Post by Rias » Tue Mar 10, 2015 10:39 am

I disabled my BBS PMs recently. (Everyone else can still use them, I just disabled my own). This is because I prefer email over BBS PMs, for a few reasons:

1) The BBS PM system feels clunky and limited to me.
2) I don't want to have to manage a BBS inbox as well as my CLOK email inbox.
3) The BBS PM system has limited storage.
4) I want my CLOK communications consolidated into one place (my email inbox) so I can search it all at once if needed, rather than wondering "was that in an email or a BBS message?"

So! Go ahead and email rias@contrarium.net if you need to send me private communications. I'm not trying to be harder to reach, I'm just being picky about the method.
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