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Re: Elystole

Post by Lavi » Mon Mar 30, 2015 2:39 pm

Acarina is a prime example of griefing.
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Re: Elystole

Post by Fayne » Mon Mar 30, 2015 10:21 pm

I think some of you need this:

A scrawny alley cat stares after the dog with big green eyes.
Speaking to a scrawny alley cat, you ask, "Friend of yours?"
A scrawny alley cat hisses angrily.

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Re: Elystole

Post by Vitello » Tue Mar 31, 2015 4:34 am

:( You're posts were very intelligent and civilized up to this point Fayne. While perhaps funny in certain circles (ok I chuckled a little) others could take that as aggravating and outright insulting.
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Re: Elystole

Post by Rias » Tue Mar 31, 2015 7:12 am

First of all, let's not let something like the original post happen again, please. It's not appropriate action to head to the boards and say things like "I heard these rumors about this person and want to know whether they're true or false, I'm calling everyone out to talk about it, and by the way people are talking behind so-and-so's back." I don't want to have a "call-out" post like this for every rumor that floats around, or I'm going to start disliking the BBS as much as I dislike the chat channel.

Discussion on the subjects of CvC, griefing, people possibly leaving over the matters, and concerns about such on the other hand, is just fine.

Also yes, let's not start providing silly images to make fun of people who get worked up over things. It never helps; it usually makes things worse. Respectfully exhorting people to step back and calm down a bit is fine.

Some of my thoughts on CvC (regardless of "good guys" and "bad guys" and all that):

- Characters are not required to monologue to their targets before attacking if they have good prior reasons to be after that person. "Good reasons" do not include things like "they looked at me funny", "I just know they're part of faction/guild/group Y", or "they annoy me on an OOC level". Note that the second -can- be a good reason if combined with the target being in what could be considered a threatening location. For instance, a Templar hanging around the entrance to the Corvus Outpost, or a known dangerous Corvite hanging around the entrance to Shadgard, I would consider having put themselves into a dangerous situation and inviting CvC action. The nearby NPCs would very likely attack them and try to kill or drive them off - PCs are welcome to do the same.
- Sometimes people attack their targets on behalf of others. Paid hits/assassinations or attacks on the enemies of one's friends is fairly common, and even some NPCs ask for or do these things. There are two whole guilds largely built around the concept of being paid blades or killers. If someone attacks you and you don't know why, don't immediately assume they're in the wrong just because you don't know their motives. Provided you're an Undying, try to figure out why things happened when you're back on your feet.
- Keeping both the above in mind, if you do feel you've been wrongly targeted for little or no good reason, please contact the GMs. Sending an email to clok@contrarium.net will send an email to all the GMs, so we'll all know about it and be aware of the situation, and we can all monitor and look into it.
- I define "Griefing" as killing, harassing, or getting others to do the same to someone repeatedly over the same conflict or with no good reason. If the target chooses to reciprocate and escalate the conflict, that gives the original attacker reason to continue. Making several failed attempts to kill someone is not "griefing" in my mind (I'm happy to discuss it, so please everyone throw in your two cents if you have them on the subject), but once the attacker succeeds in taking their target down (provided they don't just give up), they should consider that matter settled. It doesn't mean they can never attack that target again, but any future attacks should be over a different matter.
- "Neutral" does not equate to "Sanctuary." For instance, the Hanged Man is known for its tolerance of most people even if they're not welcome in Shadgard itself, but that doesn't mean it should be considered a sanctuary or that people are forbidden from attacking each other there - it just means the establishment won't get involved unless it's affected itself (and fights breaking out in the middle of their common or dining areas -can- make the establishment quite grumpy if there's collateral damage or disruption of business). The same can be said of Haiban, Mistral Lake, and other places generally considered "neutral". By all means make a report to the local authorities if you're attacked there, but don't assume you're untouchable just because you're on "neutral ground".
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