Razing Emleth

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Re: Razing Emleth

Post by Vitello » Mon Apr 13, 2015 7:05 am

Communication, Communication, Communication.

Players should be aware of this aspect of it and appreciate what the GMs go through. Educated players know that it is not a simple fluid matter and should be able to understand/accept if it transforms(and be happy that their actions have an effect) and the GM able to say 'ok this it is going in a different direction now'.

Maybe I'm an idealist.
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Re: Razing Emleth

Post by Fayne » Mon Apr 13, 2015 11:40 am

I like not knowing how long events are going to last or what effects they may have down the road. However, I do think that if we players decide upon a course of action that is absolutely not what the GMs inteded, like wanting to burn Emleth down, we should be told OOCly, "Look, that isn't the solution we want here, try something else." Because some of us play characters who had made up the decision to burn the place down, and they would have done it single-handedly in the middle of the night if they would have been able to without GM support. And when the GMs don't support that decision, then it really comes down to those characters arguing that it is the best solution, and everyone else wondering why they haven't done it yet if they feel so strongly about it. It's kinda like saying "That bell over there absolutely nust be rung! Somebody must ring the bell! It is the only way to not have our lives drastically altered forever! Won't someone please ring the bell?!"
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Re: Razing Emleth

Post by sona » Sat Apr 18, 2015 9:21 am

I really liked Rias' response, and heck, depending on the timeline of what actually happens, you might even see some form of absolutely insane planning and implementation from my character. I love the dynamic options and responses. I never know if I'll get a response or effect from RP, skills, action and assistance from PCs and NPCs. What I do like to do, since scheduling for NPC/GM interaction can be difficult is 1) Fire off a report and/or email to clok staff about what I intend to do, or am doing. 2) Take a log/time, format it a bit, fire it off in an email to clok staff. Maybe they'll update a room description for me, or something. Maybe they'll write back at a later time and say my effort had no notable effect. Generally speaking, I've been pretty pleased with my level of involvement, etc. I do think it'd be really effective if PCs had a way to advertise/note events ICly. I've felt many people quickly get tired of explaining what's going on until they specifically get to a point where they codedly require more combatants or something. Sometimes it takes me 15 minutes, 30 minutes or even an hour to get responses over ESP about what's going on, what if any sort of help is needed, and even cursory details about various situations. And sometimes, I get "hey, we need help, this is what's going on, please come here if you can help (fighting, etc), here's some rough directions to where we are.

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