But it's in alpha...

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But it's in alpha...

Post by Jirato » Mon Jun 08, 2015 7:29 am

Every try to explain CLOK to a friend? I imagine it frequently goes something like this:

You: So, I've been playing this pretty neat MUD lately.
Friend: Oh yeah, what is it?
You: It's called CLOK. It's really open ended and you can do all sorts of cool stuff in it, but it's in alpha.
Friend: Ah, how long has it been around?
You: Over six years!
Friend: Wait... what?

We made a stealth change to the wiki a couple weeks ago, but in case you didn't notice, CLOK is no longer in alpha. Yay, confetti and stuff!

What exactly does this mean?

Not much, actually. :-) It's an ongoing project. There's never going to be a "final" release, and we're never going to stop adding awesome new stuff and evaluating/tweaking existing things. The whole alpha/beta/release thing doesn't really apply well to a MUD anyway. So, you can just tell your friends that it's an awesome world that is always changing and being worked on.
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Re: But it's in alpha...

Post by Lun » Mon Jun 08, 2015 7:32 am

So I can't use "but it's in alpha!" as an excuse no mo'?

Shoot. "Its an ongoing project" doesn't sound as cheesy.

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