A review of clok.

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Re: A review of clok.

Post by Jirato » Thu Sep 24, 2015 4:03 pm

This is actually a bit of a sore subject for me right now because one particular player has been laying it on really thick with the complaints regarding this, and not in a friendly way, just in the past couple days here.

There were numerous reasons why the Church of Light was not accepting new members for an extended period of time. The main reason is that it was announced that initiations were suspended until further notice here:

You also have to consider OOC issues. The church was Rias' realm of guruship and an extremely delicate one at that. With such strict behavioral guidelines and role-play requirements expected of its members, the other GMs were very reluctant to attempt to perform any guild initiations in Rias' absence when he was on hiatus (Which I believe accounted for at least 3 months since that original post declaring the closure of the Church to new initiations). Then consider the following, I became Church Guru in mid June 2015. However, I also had the entire CLOK project set on my plate and was going through quite a few priority issues with the transition of ownership of the game and everything else. I was not really able to address Church initiations until late July at the earliest.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying "Oh, it took months? Blame Rias." But the fact of the matter is, it's my responsibility now, it wasn't before. I can't do anything about what happened in the past, but I can take care of it moving forward. I'm just saying, the Church is/was closed. No applications were considered personally by me from March 2014 to August 2015. I'm taking a more active role in the situation now and am looking forward to seeing new Monks and Templar come about. It is going to take significant effort on their part and actually living the life they are expected to live as a member of the Church and seeking mentorship from existing members. The church is officially closed to new members, but we are willing to make exceptions to those extraordinary cases. It takes a lot more than just saying "I want to be a monk." and then sitting and waiting for a few months. It takes extreme initiative, action, and dedication.
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Re: A review of clok.

Post by ydia » Thu Sep 24, 2015 4:11 pm

I totally get what both of you are saying about observations and playing it out. I just don't want it to take insane amount of time to pull it off if I'm active on a good basis, and try my hardest. I think I am off to a good start, and many characters are liking my char, and saying she'd make a good monk, so that will also work in my favor I suppose, but hearing in character and out of character it could take several months, is a little discouraging, but I'm going with it and hoping for the best.
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