Imagining CLOK

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Imagining CLOK

Post by jilliana » Wed Apr 06, 2016 2:31 am

A conversation on Chat triggered some interesting food for thought and lead me to wonder. How exactly do other people imagine things to be on CLOK? Here are mine.

• I imagine loot boxes to be different sizes, with some of the smaller ones being the size of half a normal-sized computer keyboard and about six inches tall.
• I imagine rations being brown in color and rather lumpy and just large enough to fit in the palm of my hhand.
• The majority of our clothes is a bit rough in texture and not attractive by modern standards.
• I'm not going into the debate of what riln is made of, but I do imagine it as being metallic-colored. I'm not really sure about the size.
• I imagine each of the towns having their own distinct smells, but they all are similar in that they have an overlaying smell of smoke and horse apples. Most shops would smell like most places would where a large number of people tend to congregate - a little stale, sweaty and not all that pleasant.

Those are just a few of my thoughts. How would you guys imagine certain things to be on CLOK?
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Re: Imagining CLOK

Post by Orris » Wed Apr 06, 2016 7:50 am

For anyone who has been to Disneyland in California, I imagine Shadgard like Frontier Land, especially the areas around Splash Mountain and Thunder Railroad where it's all red rock.
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Re: Imagining CLOK

Post by Jaster » Wed Apr 06, 2016 8:14 am

I like to picture my loot boxes as Amazon boxes flying in on delivery drones.

Riln is definitely like the golden coins from Mario.

Rations are like an MRE, and I'm accidentally eating the toilet paper. Tasty!

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Re: Imagining CLOK

Post by Vestyn » Wed Apr 06, 2016 10:31 am

I picture rations to be like those really bland, hard to chew, power bars. I picture riln, for some reason, to be like the tokens you get at arcades in order to play the video games there. I also imagine Haiban smells like horse poop with a mix of sausages.

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Re: Imagining CLOK

Post by Makkah » Wed Apr 06, 2016 11:20 am

I picture rations as hardtack from the Civil War.

Shadgard IS like Frontierland at Disney Land, great comparison.

I always imagine the wilderness as having waste-high grass (in the "grassy" areas)

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Re: Imagining CLOK

Post by Tamsin » Wed Apr 06, 2016 11:31 am

Rations... like sawdust that's been pressed together in a squarish lump.

Shadgard I've always imagined being full of hill billies in smokey huts who shoot each other daily, steal everything they own, and they worship a god known as "Templar," a god of everything good and compassionate, ironically.

basically every town outside of Haiban is a barbaric place with no laws and no civilization.

i'm totally joking :p

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Re: Imagining CLOK

Post by Lun » Wed Apr 06, 2016 12:44 pm

Oooh! One of my favorite things is imagining what CLOK would look like.

Rations look like poptarts to me.

Shadgard is like an old dusty town from one of those wild west flicks, with a saloon and movie cowboys roaming around, except in the middle of a deep canyon with one entrance.

Mistral Lake is like a mountain peeking out of the water in the middle of a huge lake, with the majority of buildings build on wooden piers, and the Keep built on the actual island fing.

Haiban is a big market town with stone buildings everywhere. My imagination is a bit outdated now, I think, since I can't for the love of me remember the new crafting area.

Keth was a beautiful town full of sunshine and rainbows and happy children and fluttering butterflies. I liked to imagine everything was white. The buildings, the gazebo.

Morhollow, I always imagined was a bit dark. Not gloomy dark, but more like "everything is lit by candleflame" dark. A bunch of hard working people who probably did a lot of hunting and logging.

Nelra is a ramshackle tent town with wagons and hippies who love peace and wool, except the shepherd boy. He's a trooper.

Tarueka was one of my favourite places. I always imagined that the infested mindlessly continued to do what they did in life-- so the carriers are moving big empty boxes from one part of the thoroughfare to the next, and when they saw you, they drop their boxes and sprint at you. Raccoons clawing at your ankles and leaping out of trees, oh my!

The caravans are just a big circle of abandoned wagons in the middle of the plains, you can see the infested shuffling around aimlessly.

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Re: Imagining CLOK

Post by artus » Fri Apr 08, 2016 9:22 am

Let's see...

Rations : MRE, probably. Or I imagine it another way, like a lump of dusty, dried sweet bread that's hard to follow, and the sweetness is so little that it makes one feel bland instead, like a kind of Thai snack called "Kanom Go", lol.

Riln : A piece of small, metallic, a darkish and attractive coin made of light metallic material.

Resen fungus : in general, it looks like glowing sickly green patch of slimy lichen, but in depth, it could be a patch of tiny slimy spores forming together. Infested blood is probably reddist-green, because it's full of that...iw!

Wilderness in Clok : if normal wild then I imagine a deep forest surrounded by trees and alike. Everything's as beautiful as wild west forest can be. For field, I imagine a grassy, sometimes soft, sometimes thorny, sometimes sandy or a little rocky, with patches of grass and non-trees here and there.

Shadgard : A red town built by the canyon where everything seems harsh but good, and the mine is dark and haunting somehow lol.

Mistral : I imagine something similar to the peek of some Himalaya mountaintop with no snow, and shorter than so called mountain., with misty wide lake and rocky shore, with a bit of sloping way to connect the ladder down the water. Everything is crampped here.

Haiban, well just an economic driven city where things are quite fancy and sivilized but crowded.

The chapterhouse : looks like a small hamlet on top of a single hill in the middle of the very peaceful valley. The feel of the chapterhouse I can recall is, secure but not strict, suspicious, quite formal and work driven, but casual, warm and friendly but always have an eye on one's back, like a hunting town where they see you as finely welcomed outsider, unless you start a trouble.

Dusklamp is an old town on top of a lone hill surrounded by cold, haunting field. The town is poppulated by ancient looking people who walk sometime, hide sometime, sneak in and out here and there sometime, all mindlessly, with occasional mindful activities we never seem to notice. The tunnel is dark and haunting, and continuously get hotter and hotter the further one traverse.

Tarueka, by now it's just a plane empty town with ruins and scraps everywhere. Infested don't care about anything anymore.

Emleth : thats where we probably see mindful infesteds most often, possibly because some people are newly turned. They do their stuffs as casual as it looks, guarding, hunting, poaching, but their preys are us, their victems.

Kildr dale : no, I'm not gonna say anything about this place, or else I ll make someone puke for sure!
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