Is Arsenic in the wrong color category?

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Is Arsenic in the wrong color category?

Post by Lun » Sun Jun 19, 2016 8:02 am

Either the thing I read online is wrong, or there's a mislabelling in the ESP colors list. # 3b444b, or Arsenic, is kind of a slate-gray color.

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Re: Is Arsenic in the wrong color category?

Post by Jirato » Sun Jun 19, 2016 9:23 am

What color category is it? By your definition of #3B444B, it should be in blue. 59 parts red, 68 parts green, 75 parts blue.
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Re: Is Arsenic in the wrong color category?

Post by Lun » Sun Jun 19, 2016 9:44 am

It's currently considered green.

Green Category
acrid-green apple-green arsenic
avocado brass celadon

... Unless my espcolor list display is just bugged and it's putting it in weird places. this is my current espcolor display.

Green Category
acrid-green apple-green arsenic
avocado brass celadon
celadon-green chartreuse dark-green
deep-green emerald fern-green
forest-green green jade
laurel-green light-green lime-green
malachite-green midnight-green mint-green
moss-green myrtle-green ocean-green
olive olive-drab olivine
pale-green pastel-green peridot
pine-green sage-green sea-green
seaglass-green tea-green teal
teal-green verdant verdigris
viridian viridian-green

White/Silver/Black Category
almond argent ash-gray
bisque black bone
bone-white charcoal-gray cornsilk
cream dark-gray ebony
eggshell frosty-white ghost-white
granite-gray gunmetal-gray icy-white
inky-black iron-gray ivory
jet jet-black light-gray
lily-white limestone-gray linen
midnight-black onyx pearl
pearly-white platinum raven-black
rose-quartz sable seashell
shadowy-black shadowy-gray shale-gray
silver silver-blue silver-gray
slate-gray smoke-gray snow
steel-gray stygian-black twilight-gray

Blue Category
aero-blue aqua-blue aquamarine
azure azurite-blue baby-blue
bellflower-blue beryl blue
blue-black blue-gray blue-green
blue-silver blue-violet blue-white
bright-cerulean bright-cyan bright-turquoise
celadon-blue celestial-blue cerulean
cobalt cornflower-blue cyan
dark-blue dark-cerulean dark-cyan
dark-turquoise deep-blue denim-blue
frosty-blue glaucous ice-blue
imperial-blue lapis-lazuli light-blue
marine-blue midnight-blue navy-blue
night-blue ocean-blue pale-blue
parren-blue periwinkle powder-blue
royal-azure sapphire seaglass-blue
shale-blue sky-blue slate-blue
steel-blue teal-blue tide-blue
turquoise twilight-blue ultramarine

Brown Category
ale-brown amber antique-brass
auburn beige bistre
bole brown burnt-sienna
burnt-umber chestnut-brown chocolate
cinereous cinnamon copper
cordovan dark-brown dark-chestnut
dark-chocolate dark-puce dark-sienna
dark-umber earth-brown ecru
ginger light-brown light-chocolate
mahogany nut-brown ochre
pale-brown pale-carmine pale-taupe
puce redwood-brown russet
rust rust-brown sepia
sienna smoky-topaz tan
taupe umber

Pink Category
amaranth-pink baby-pink blush
bright-pink carmine-pink carnation-pink
cerise cerise-pink coral
dark-coral dark-pink deep-cerise
deep-pink dogwood-rose fuchsia
fuchsia-pink lavender-pink lavender-rose
light-crimson orchid-pink pale-pink
pink powder-pink rose
rose-gold rosewood rosy-pink
salmon strawberry tulip

Red Category
amaranth antique-ruby apple-red
bittersweet-red blood-crimson blood-red
bloodglass-red brick-red bright-carmine
bright-carnelian bright-maroon bright-red
burgundy cardinal-red carmine
carmine-red carnelian cherry-red
cinnabar-red claret clay
clay-red copper-red coral-red
crimson dark-carmine dark-carnelian
dark-red deep-carmine fiery-crimson
fiery-red fiery-scarlet fulvous
garnet-red incarnadine light-carmine
light-red maroon puce-red
raspberry red red-brown
red-orange red-yellow ruby
ruddy rust-red sandstone-red
sanguine scarlet sunset-red
terra-cotta tomato-red vermilion

Orange Category
antique-bronze apricot bright-orange
bronze burnt-orange carrot-orange
dark-orange dark-tangerine deep-saffron
fiery-orange harvest-gold light-orange
orange orange-red orange-yellow
pastel-orange peach persimmon
pumpkin-orange sandstone-orange sunset-orange

Purple Category
amaranth-purple amethyst boysenberry
bright-magenta dark-magenta dark-orchid
dark-puce dark-purple dark-violet
deep-magenta deep-mauve deep-purple
eggplant fuchsia-purple grape
heliotrope huckleberry-purple indigo
iris lavender lavender-indigo
lavender-magenta light-purple lilac
liseran-purple magenta mauve
mulberry orchid pale-plum
pale-purple plum purple
royal-purple steel-pink thistle
thornberry-purple twilight-lavender tyrian-purple
violet wisteria-purple

Yellow Category
auroline banana-yellow blond-yellow
bright-yellow bronze-yellow buff-yellow
canary-yellow citrine citrine-yellow
daffodil-yellow dandelion-yellow dark-goldenrod
dark-yellow deep-lemon flax
golden golden-brown golden-poppy
golden-yellow goldenrod honeysuckle-yellow
icterine-yellow jasmine lemon-yellow
light-yellow mustard pale-gold
pale-yellow pastel-yellow saffron
straw-yellow sunny-yellow sunset-yellow
topaz-yellow vanilla wheat-yellow
yellow yellow-orange

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