My impressions about Clok!

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My impressions about Clok!

Post by artus » Sat Jul 16, 2016 7:17 pm

As an over a year player, being in so many stories or even drama with you people countless times, I can say now that I'm the official Clok addict. Regardless of how small we are, in playerbase, in gm base, in world, this little land makes another side of my life! There are things I feel like they're worth noting here. They might not be that important, but at least they're something out of general impression I whole heartedly have for Clok. So here they are, funny as they sound!
1. Clok is the best place for me to gather ideas, and is one of the main motivation that makes my fictions work their way chapters by chapters. Thanks to all of you for giving me flavourful rp and a little something everytime I log in.
2. Clok made my day of learning English much easier. I never got anything other than the highest score in class so far since I started jumping in here.
3. Clok changes many of my bad daily routines. This includes being more careful of how to spell things. I still misspell stuff here and there, but at least it's better.
4. Clok helps me heal and cope with my traumatic life. I just can't resist smiling anytime I think of us and how I'll progress in lost land. It draws me away from drowning in the bloody past that comes to haunt me days and nights. I love you all!

Anyone have anything to say about Clok? Go ahead! Doesn't matter if it's funny or serious. Just a little something you feel proud to say out loud, and to show that this colorful lost land has something you never forget.
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