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GM Appreciation

Post by Jirato » Sun Sep 25, 2016 8:20 am

I just want to take a moment to publicly say how much I appreciate the rest of the team keeping CLOK running. Without these guys, stuff probably would fall apart. They're the superglue that cements CLOK together.

Noctere has really done some awesome stuff with code work lately. You can thank all the book and slate changes to him, as well as the new aeromancy spell and a couple other tweaks.

Vestyn's been keeping Haiban ticking. There are a couple things he's working on right now, and I feel they are going to be awesome when they are done.

Hayl has been great at interacting with the players and keeping CLOK feeling like a living breathing world. One where you may hear some twigs snap and a rustle in the bushes before being ambushed by a canim. And yes, sometimes in real life birds DO poop on you while flying overhead. (I've had it happen to me, when I was wearing a brand new shirt, no less..)

Uyoku has pretty much been my eyes and ears over the past few months. She's really brought a lot of stuff to our attention and has helped me keep in touch with CLOK even though I've got limited time. She's been great at keeping touch with the player base in-game, and has also been working to coordinate events with everyone else on the team.

There's a fifth person that wishes to remain anonymous, but they've been doing a spectacular job, pretty much taking to the ground running with all sorts of Mistral fun, and filling a pretty giant hole we had when Rias left. I can't really thank this person enough.

I think nearly everyone has had some sort of merchant in the past several months as well. Those have been awesome!
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Re: GM Appreciation

Post by Vestyn » Mon Sep 26, 2016 10:18 am

Don’t forget about the head dude in charge! Jirato is always there to fix it when the server goes down. He keeps us together, communicating, and supports our ideas (even if they’re rejected), he tells us why we can’t do something, and gives us suggestions to make it fit within the scope of the game so it can be done after all. He’s put a lot of effort into making sure we can give you guys a fun place to play. Most importantly, he likes food. 

Seriously. IT’s just not us that deserves the thanks. It’s thanks to him that this is a possibility for me personally – I never thought I’d have the opportunity to take part in building and shaping the world I love so much in the capacity that I do. He gave me that chance, and for that, he deffinetly deserves my gratitude. He also took over the game from Rias when he decided to hang it up. I can’t speak for what went on back then, but, as far as I know, if he didn’t take Clok, it would have been gone. So, for his willingness to take on the, what I can only imagine can be, arduous at times task of being the head dude in charge, thanks jirato.

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