Commitment to support all forms of RP

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Commitment to support all forms of RP

Postby Jirato » Sun Apr 09, 2017 4:06 am

I think I made a statement on Discord a couple nights ago that could have been a bit damaging and leaving players questioning their characters. I really regret making that statement now. I just want to reaffirm that I'm totally committed to supporting those types of characters. I used a very poor choice of words. I don't dislike those characters, I don't dislike what they do, I CERTAINLY don't dislike their players. I dislike playing that kind of character myself. I'm no good at it. Its awkward and uncomfortable for me, and yes, there may be a minimal level of discomfort when dealing with them on the GM side of the house, but that's something I need to overcome and feel it'll get better the more I do it.

CLOK would be a very boring place if every character had the exact same values and beliefs and morals and religious views and what not. Part of what makes CLOK such a fun game is all the intrigue and conflict caused from differing views. It is certainly not my goal, as developer, to discourage anyone who doesn't play in a manner that I would or anything like that. That'd be terrible! CLOK needs those sorts of characters. It's the whole reason stuff like the blood cult was created. And I'm pretty sure the original creator of it wasn't 100% comfortable with it either. But we as developers and GMs need to work on supporting it, and we certainly don't do it begrudgingly or anything. We're glad to see unique characters and varied play styles.
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Re: Commitment to support all forms of RP

Postby Edoras » Sun Apr 09, 2017 10:28 am

This was the message I took away from that discussion as well, although I can see how it could have been taken wrongly. Pure text as a communication medium is always difficult to be clear as to your intentions: One thing that's sort of nice about the tone/speech system in game.

I appreciate you clearing it up.

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Re: Commitment to support all forms of RP

Postby Tamsin » Sun Apr 09, 2017 10:49 am

Nice of you to clear it up. Even if everyone didn't take the negative message away, it leaves no doubt! <3

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