Soundpack help needed: looking for text strings.

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Soundpack help needed: looking for text strings.

Post by artus » Thu Jun 15, 2017 9:44 pm

As some of you know, I've been working on updating soundpack for Clok to use with mush-z (the enhanced version of Mushclient for visually impaired mudders). As the topic stated, I'm currently looking for text strings to add and attach sounds to, and possibly, for some new features I might come up in the future.

I'm looking for the following:
- Guild-specific strings, such as special task sounds (like taking samples for elemancers or something similar, anything besides ordinary task completion), special ability text strings (such as a ball of compact earth surges toward *, you vanish into the shadow, or anything that's not too obvious what ability it is in case that ability is suppose to be a secret), impact text strings (you being choked, coup de mort lands on impact, for example).

- Tune text string for those who play musical instruments, from crappy tunes to anything higher that exist.

- Random flavor ambiance, like when you stand around Southbank and there's a text popping up about bullfrog and such, or someone tries to sell you stuff in the market, something like that.

- Anything else you think need sounds attached.

Thank you in advance for entrusting my effort to make this buggy pack work as good as possible, and for helping me work on it. I shall credit any and every of you out of deepest sincere and will try to make it as awesome as I can as far as my limited coding knowledge leads.
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