New Mummer 'Word', Word of Power

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New Mummer 'Word', Word of Power

Post by Lun » Mon Jul 15, 2013 12:43 pm

A word that fills the target with strength, boosting his ability to regain stamina (but also increasing his appetite!) This one can be used in order to keep party members feeling invigorated and not on the verge of collapsing during a major battle, and can also help to save an unconscious fellow.

The way it would work mechanically is it'll give a 'buff' that makes the character regain energy quicker while burning hunger until the buff wears out. This could lead to starvation if left unchecked from feeling good about yourself, but it's mainly useful for a quick boost or in order to prolong your ability to fight in combat.

Power here meaning the ability to fight longer, essentially making you 'stronger'.

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