Mummer's Idea pitch

A group of storytellers, musicians, performers, magicians!
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Mummer's Idea pitch

Post by criticalfault » Fri Apr 25, 2014 9:08 am

Performance An ability that plays an instrument much like storytelling, but checks against performance skill

PPerformance - Performing for players. This would engage the players and set a status on the Mummer (Performing here). Once completed, the Mummer would then do whatever it is that they are going to do and the players will be prompted to rate the performance. This would give guild points, but riln would be up to the player's. This would allow Mummers more freedom in how they perform and specifically interested in engaging players with their arts to get guild points.

Encourage A song that requires a constant drain on energy but gives the Mummer's group members a +5% to attack skills

Enrage A song that requires a constant drain on energy but gives the Mummer's group members a +15% to attack skills and -15% to defense skills

Legend Lore A comm channel opens between the Mummer and the GM's, allowing them to ask Lore specific questions as needed. If no one is available to answer, then the Mummer doesn't get to know!

ESP Focus Allows a VERY skilled Mummer access to a colored channel of their choosing, requires Telepathy and a metric crapload of Channeling.


Mummer Wagons - It would be nice if within the camp Mummer's could have sleeping quarters in a very small wagon on the grounds. It would be EXCELLENT for RP if they could allow others in with them if they are following so they could tell fortunes, prescribe gypsy folk magic, etc (Though maybe that just good for Cigano!) Still, a place to store instruments and things would be nice.

Storytelling could give an energy refresh to players in the room listening, allowing mummers to keep people company and help them while they train profession skills that require energy such as farming or mining. This should perhaps have a hefty cool down to avoid
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