More Ability Ideas

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More Ability Ideas

Post by criticalfault » Tue Nov 18, 2014 10:47 am

Since I put in a lot of play time on my mummer. I always come up with a few ideas i think would be neat. I don't know if these should be put in their own thread each or if these group posts are the best idea. So ive been doing a bit of each.

Emotional Stability - Being that mummers work minds i thought it would be interested to seem have an ability to resist fear/wonder/etc from other powers. They have their minds messed with pretty consistently by their training and their fellow members. Seems like normal tricks and fear inducing monsters just wouldn't cut the mustard to scare them. Maybe give them a passive resistance against emotional control/fear?

Carry on - One of the latter game powers i thought would be sweet if mummers could help their fellows by pushing their limits, either by giving more energy (With a big cool down) to someone who is severely wounded or removing their wound penalties for 30 seconds (Which i think would be epic). Its that Montague on your head where someone says just the right thing for the person to get in more final blow before passing out or succumbing to their wounds.
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Re: More Ability Ideas

Post by jilliana » Tue Nov 25, 2014 3:00 am

You have a way with coming up with interesting ideas.

I'm not quite sure about that first ability suggestion though. That sort of thing, I think, would take specialty training, like from another Templar/Monk.

I do like the second ability. Mummers can do something like it already with the way that they can add to chant resolve.
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