long standing bugs but also some ideas!

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long standing bugs but also some ideas!

Post by criticalfault » Fri Nov 28, 2014 7:44 am

Seems i am on this forum a lot, cause playing my mummer has become deeply entertaining as well as interesting to see how their powers could function on the larger scale..(i think i should put together forum post about why to be a mummer) this all being said there a few things i do hope can be addressed

It bugs me to no end that im going to have to break down and purchase an esp pendant because of the missing functionality of telepathy and crystals (including deathknell crystals), i love beyond words the excitement and ability to interact with the esp network that mummers have. it makes me giddy! i just wish we didnt have to wear a pendant on top of it. i long for either another guild power that just lets us being deathknell tuners ourselves or some ability to like...implant, swallow, etc esp crystals so we could tune them. an advanced telepathy would be sweet!

The last issue i wonder on is channeling gains. i wonder if this was a side note or something that i actually need to practice? im not sure i saw and explaination about it but every word use gives .01 channeling. i know the words have their own percentiles and bonuses (which is freaking fantastic) but does channeling need to be a thing? if so could we get a trainer to train it...honestly its taken me weeks to finish a single training (mostly because i hate grinding and because i am so busy other wise =P) i mostly wondered if it was even important.

Finally I wanted to thank the GMs for their additions to the camp recently. it always makes me happy to see new things and gives me ideas abound of how to add more depth to my role within the camp. I absolutely love playing a gypsy! I wish i had more company :)
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Re: long standing bugs but also some ideas!

Post by Akila » Thu Jun 11, 2015 2:48 am

I'm going to hijack this post because it has a good idea I'd like to see implemented and some bugs that I would like seeing sorting out.

I love playing my mummer. As soon as I properly found out about the guild and saw Cigano in action, I knew it was the guild for me. Coming up with stories, songs and many things like that is one thing I enjoy about them. Being mostly trusted (and feared!) by players leads to some very interesting interactions and being pretty neutral as a guild, we can mingle with both "good" and "evil" classes, whilst being sarcastic, mischievous and, in some cases, pretty creepy! Props to Cigano for being an awesome teacher for Akila!

I agree with criticalfault about the telepathy ability and tuning crystals (including the deathknell.) I would like to be able to use telepathy more, but because of my tuning crystals, I need to wear a pendent or one of the newly implemented wearable items, exclusive for mummers to make (love this :D) I would like to be able to at least swallow a tuning crystal so I can use telepathy a lot more.

The next thing I think needs looking at is being able to use the Words of Power and mindfog on a second+ of the same mob. Fighting solo or in a group and getting swarmed by say, three carriers and two raccoons (which happened to me fighting solo yesterday XD) leads to a messy situation. especially when in a group and the first thing attacked is the lead mob, rather than the second or third. Is this done deliberately or is it an overlooked bug?

Lastly, more props! I'd like to see some mummer-exclusive clothes and masks in our camp. Masquerade masks, garish clothing like I don't know...sparkly rainbow capes and wild tutus (Yeah I just want to see Cig in a tutu but shh! ;) ) As performers, we should look our best and stand out from the crowd :P

I know this looks a lot, but I think it fits the guild well. Show us some love! :D
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