Ability Request: Sixth Sense

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Ability Request: Sixth Sense

Post by criticalfault » Thu Apr 09, 2015 3:12 pm

As Mummers deal with the mind and emotions, i thought it might be kind of spiffy to give them the ability to resist being ambushed quite so easily as long as they had a power activated.

Cast Sixth_Sense

You open your mind up to the subtle intentions of others, becoming wary for attacks.

This would basically grant Mummers the "Paranoid" Status like when someone pick pockets you, for something like 5 minutes?

It would also be AMAZING if they could have a passive chance for it to fire if they didn't have it cast, something like 5% or 10%? (More or less rolling a natural 20 or a threat in AD&D terms.)
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