Mindsense toggle option and other possible mummer abilities

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Mindsense toggle option and other possible mummer abilities

Post by Vaelin » Wed Dec 30, 2020 10:57 am

While there are more changes to the Mummer abilities, I think I'll just chip in with some quality of life changes to their other abilities unrelated to the words.

Mindsense - At the risk of people getting ooc/ ic knowledge leak. While people are moving in groups, sensing all the colors coming and departing can be hella spammy. I would wish to suggest a toggle when you wish to not sense this happening, please. Also, maybe casting mindsense will pinpoint which of the espcolors are in the room would be okay, aside for just waiting for them to move.

Since Mummers are primarily non-combat, I would suggest some abilities where they can give morale boosts aside from the storytelling anyway. This will help promote more ic interaction aside from the combat utility of the mummer word cocktail. For example.

Anthem of focus - Requires music skill. A mummer will provide 5-10% morale boost to people in the group while they play a musical instrument. However this will only last a couple minutes.

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Re: Mindsense toggle option and other possible mummer abilities

Post by Vazbol » Wed Dec 30, 2020 11:04 am

I agree with the anthem suggestion. We need someone to empower people with their mad flesh-golem bagpiping skills. Always found it kind of weird the only actual buffs a mummer provide are moral boosts, and improving the vocal based abilities of other guilds. Thought they would have a bit more for their own use to help out, rather than just standing there and making Warshouts/Templar chants better.

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