Utasa's run

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Utasa's run

Postby Sneaky » Mon Dec 29, 2014 8:59 am

So, from what I can tell Utasa are suppose to be these sneaky stealthy quiet dodgy hard to hit people who are very good at getting away unscathed, so it would make sense that they would develop a technique to make getting away under their own abilities easier. This ability, Utasa's Run, would grant the run command to the agent. It would allow the user to specify a direction and would move the Utasa in that direction and place them in a hidden position. If no direction is provided, it would act similarly to the flee command again, placing them in a hidden position. After using this ability, the agent will have a set number of time where his stealth rols are increased, maybe 10 percent, but their attack rolls are reduced dramaticly.
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