A Hunt

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A Hunt

Post by Dorn » Wed Feb 20, 2019 2:42 pm

Dorn let out a quiet hiss of pain and irritation, the sound barely escaping from the confines of his helm as he pressed his back up against the rocks and did his best to remain out of sight. He could hear the giant lizard trampling through the loose rubble and debris of the volcano rim, occasionally letting out its own noises of agony, as it did its best to locate him through the constant cloud of smoke and ash churning up into the sky.

Trying not to make much sound, Dorn reached down to pull his morning-star from out of his haft-frog, readying himself to head out to face his opponent again. For near a toll, the pair of them had played a game of cat and mouse but they were both nearing the limit of their capability. Blood freely mingled with ash, caking them both, and leaving a clotted path of devastation in the wake of their hunt.

It would find him shortly. It was getting closer by the moment, and without any more supplies, one way or another this was going to be the last chance of strike.

Moving only a little to poise himself, Dorn waited until the last moment in an attempt to allow his prey to get as close as possible before jumping out. His goal, the Drakolin's long and exposed neck just below its heavily horned head. Numerous scales, and chunks of meat had already been hacked away to expose bone in places but not enough to cripple the creature. Or, it seemed, slow it down enough.

The animal had known where he had been hiding, and as the Giganti sprung from cover, it whipped back its head out of reach. Yellow-slit eyes stared down at him, its maw opening to reveal rows as teeth the size of daggers. A sudden crackle of static cut through the bubbling golden lava, before pure flame billowed forth in a stream with such speed that the man barely had time to shelter behind the wall of bronze he carried on his left arm. The action cost him his momentum however, and before Dorn could try and position himself the Drakolin attacked in a more direct measure.

Bronze plate did little to stop his arm being practically torn from its socket as the animal clamped onto him solidly with its teeth and twisting. Metal buckled under the pressure, digging into meat and bone before with a flick of its neck, the beast tossed him like a rag doll near the rim of the crater. Dorn howled as he crashed into ground, pain flooding every fiber of his being as he desperately fumbled in an attempt to stop himself from falling into the lake of fire. Lurching upwards, he noticed his weapon now lying between himself and his opponent where it had fallen from his useless limp arm. He knew that even if managed to reach it there was no way he'd be able to use it and protect himself with his shield at the same time.

Resigned, the Giganti looked up towards those hate filled eyes and readied himself to try and run faster than fire, unsure if he could escape in his battered state. The lizard lifted its wings, bringing itself to its full height. It screamed one last bitter cry, full of anguish and torment before collapsing into an exhausted pile of flesh and bone. Its time had finally run out. The angry wounds from their long fight had finally taken its toil.

Tired and relieved, Dorn let his shield fall from his only useful arm. It crashed into the rock with a heavy thunk as he limped his way over to his morning-star and the Drakolin. The hunt was over.

(So, recently, I *kind* of managed to tick something of my list of "Want to do in Clok" stuff. It also ended on a kind of funny note. So. Wrote a thing.)
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Re: A Hunt

Post by Alila » Wed Feb 20, 2019 2:46 pm

This is absolutely magnificent! Thank you! ;)
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Re: A Hunt

Post by Kiyaani » Wed Feb 20, 2019 2:53 pm

Cool story :)

Please post more of these!

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Re: A Hunt

Post by artus » Sat Feb 23, 2019 10:49 am

That just makes me wish my writer's block goes away already, lol. Incredible Dorn, really!
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