Alph and the archer

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Alph and the archer

Post by Nobody » Wed Jul 29, 2020 6:18 am

This turned out to be a much better experience than I'd anticipated and had to share.

You head southeast, riding a chestnut horse with four white stockings.

[Prairie Road] [temperate]
Also here: a dirty archer (badly wounded, exhausted, lying down, lightly-armored, unconscious, bloody) and your chestnut horse with four white stockings (ridden by yourself).
Obvious paths: west, northwest (road), north, northeast, east, southeast (road), south, southwest.

You say, "Oh, you poor soul."

** Alph rides back through the pass and dashes through town to get bandages and makes it back (surprisingly) before things got much worse. **

You retrieve an untreated gray linen bandage from your worn canvas backpack.
You carefully bandage a dirty archer's right hand.

A dirty archer slowly regains consciousness.

Speaking to a dirty archer, you say, "Oh, hello there. Thought you weren't going to make it for a bit."

Speaking to a dirty archer, you ask, "Can you move at all?"

You think to yourself, "I hope this fellow will be alright, he doesn't seem to be one for talking."

A dirty archer stands up.

You notice a dirty archer quietly slip into a hiding spot.

** this is the part where I'm expecting things to go poorly because Alph cluelessly bandaged up a bandit **

a starving prairie wolf arrives from the south.

A dirty archer removes an arrow from his leather back quiver and nocks it to his oak shortbow.
A dirty archer fires an arrow at a starving prairie wolf! [redacted] Dodged!

** more battle ensues between the wolf and the archer, with a few periodic bites directed at Alph, whilst Alph in rising panic has no clue how to help this situation at all **

a starving prairie wolf heads east.

** If I could type faster, we would have this line just before the next: You cheer, "Good work, you scared it off!" **

A dirty archer heads off to return to his post.

And with that Alph haplessly resumes his journey, relieved that he was able to help a stranger in need.

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