the troubled past of a halfbreed

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the troubled past of a halfbreed

Post by dara » Sat Jul 06, 2013 6:58 pm

The war between the feuding families was almost sparked when they learned of a young couple running away with each other. my mother a woman of exstrodinary beauty and strength, her songs soothed my troubled mind of what is in the night. My father, a man of power and fortitude willing to strick down a threat with all his might. If it ment the protection of his family. The night was still, as the rain fell gently. Thunder rolled softly as if they where calming me to sleep, for what was to come. My mother held me in her lap as I was rocked to sleep. Her lullaby was soothingly haunting and it made me feel at peace. The door burst forth from its hinges, with a force not that of natrual means, and slammed to the back of the room with a load CRACK as it split. Men swarmed the house and grabed my mother from her chair, as I was slammed onto the ground. My father fought the men with such force the thunder responded with every solid strike to there bodies from his fists. He felled 18 men that night with no weapon in hand, before being dropped by an arrow to the heart...his source of purpose. The men that where left looked down at me as I waled with tears comeing forth from my eyes.
"We should end this abonitation of bloodlines"
Another man looked at him and said this
"No, let the world tell him how unwanted he truley is."
They looked at me and left, all but one...he beat me till I lost conciouseness
I was twelve I roam the lands, taking whatever job I can do for coin to live off of, haveing run to an area I cannot leave...I will have my vengance apon all who wronged me...
If only my parents told me of the blood that flows through this body of mine. I would know what family line to end.
The voices speak to me...beckoning me to join there home...I have no home...there is no home for me...
Truth is better business
Honor is servicable
Smiles are the success

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