Kalimn's Journal

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Kalimn's Journal

Post by Lavi » Sun May 25, 2014 2:30 pm

May 25th - Light’s Day

Today I have discovered so many things about myself. It has become apparent that I hate the person I am. From childhood, I was told that in order to keep a clan thriving I needed to watch. I needed to see the nethrim, to know what they do, to know how they cause a person to suffer. Like my grandfather and his father’s brother watched. We were honored and cursed. No one knows this. They see a quiet man capable of wielding things they should be afraid of. They think he is strange, downcast, or plotting. if you ask me, I would say I am alone. My comrads are thinkers, researchers, creators, yet I wish only to prevent the loose creatures of nether from hurting others. However, to gain knowledge I must dirty myself with the study of the dead and dying. I must tamper with the souls of the ones I wish to protect. When I spoke to Jilliana last, I said I am a reaper nothing mor. She admonished me to see something more than this, but it seems that I can be neither friend of the light, nor accept fully what I am; a sorcerer. I only wish I could express the sadness I feel in a way that someone understands.
[ESP-GRAY - Shadowy-Gray]: No no (player) , you were right, it's wonderful. I think I'll send in my application today. I can't wait to partake in the parties there. I just have one question, will I need to kidnap my own child, or will there be some there for those who are un able to.

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