The Color of Delusion

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The Color of Delusion

Postby Nought » Tue Jun 17, 2014 1:10 am

In my time here I've learned about a mental convolution upon which thoughts can be shared across space and time. By purchasing a unique pendant from the mummers, a mind can join this reticulation and share in the mass delusion that cuts into the debate of mind and matter. By what do these thoughts propagate? Further, the thoughts are accompanied by colors. I was unable to bring myself to conduct a thought across the nexus- I delude myself to have no thoughts at all. Still no phylactery.

And it shows.

I shared my name today. For the first time since arriving in these lost lands, I spoke it aloud. Shortly after sharing it, I came across someone I had spoken to some weeks ago. This person called me "Nought." I vaguely remember my mental state during our initial encounter. I had just been resurrected from the dead, as he explained it to me. I believe I told him that if I am here, then I never died, and if I've never died, then I've never lived. Or some such. I was perhaps out of sorts, as I've been often accused; I'm starting to believe the reports. I do remember telling him, upon his request for my alias, that I am nothing, nought. I suppose Nought would be a better alias than what I told another interlocutor who called herself a banana: I told her we are all meat. I told her I am meat.

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