Artus Arzaria : mercy within

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Artus Arzaria : mercy within

Post by artus » Sat Dec 19, 2015 7:24 pm

Artus Arzaria
Sadness, anger and vengeance
Mercy, kindness and peace
Will these two go together?

(in character portion)

Artis, desumbar 18th, 1215

Never thought I'd write this down, but since the ranger has nothing to do, I think it won't hurt to have a clear reminder of myself somewhere, provided I still have this paper when I'm 70 or so. Artus never forgets the past, but whatever. I'm going to write it down anyway. So how should I begin...

I was born somewhere around may, 1197, in a nice little Untaised Fasa group called Armaza, and have been the only one in the group with no middle name. It was not long before my mom, Tarana Ema Arzaria, died, my grandfather, kensin Kogus Arzaria, retired from his leading position and my dad, Odious Ren Arzaria, stepped up to be the next one. I was sure placed to be after my dad, but to be honest, I didn't care much. I just played around. Everyone loved, me, or at least that's what i thought. It started to be serious when I accidentally slipped down a cliff one day and died, but a monk came and revived me. Fortunately, despite the truth we discoverred that i was an undying, no one went against me. Everyone still got along with me just like before. My dad didn't let the traumatic expirienced of falling down the cliff haunt me for long. He started teaching me the basics of surviving in the harsh environment. Our official training started since then.

No one really spoiled or did like i was their pre-leader. Instead, everyone helped teaching me the best they can, and I learnt quite fast. I was always free to mess around with stuff or do things I wanted to try my hand on, like hugging the trees, sparring with kids in the group with wooden weapons, sat down with our group musicians and atemped to play their instruments with very little success. It was very fun and very exciting. I always felt like everyone respected my power. Wasn't that good to know that at least someone wanted you? It sure was.

Things went well until I turned 14. One night, a group of mysterious assassins snuck up and killed 6 of our members. My dad woke me up near dawn and set out to find the killers, but what we found was nothing. They coverred their tracks. We came back and my dad freaked out. As a master ranger and leader of the group, he said he couldn't do anything. That night, the killers came again, but this time we had a chance to shoot back and captured one of them. He was coverred in gross fungus and was shot in the leg. But no matter how hard we tried, he just kept saying something nonsense. Lady Rennolia, our healer, tried to convince him to eat, but he bit her on the back of the hand. He eventually grabbed the food she gave and devour it. I said devour, because the way he eat was not like the way normal people eat at all. After that he puked, started screaming and struggling like mad. I couldn't remember exactly of how long it took to calm him down. He was at peace for hours, but then he woke everyone up at night by screaming and injuring himself. His wound was torned and he bled all over, but the healer couldn't get close. He pounded on his chest, saying, "It's not me! I don't want to kill! I don't want to kill!" and ended everything by slamming his head at the tree he was tighed to. That death touched my heart. I really wanted to know what made him like that, and what the heck was the slimy smelly fungus on his body.

Days went by, we didn't hear from the fungus folks again, but the news about resen taint came to us through a wanderer who dropped by while we were seeking new place to live. Late at that night, we were abruptly woken by a scream. The healer Rennolia was tighed to the tree, crying and urging for someone to kill her. We didn't, until we saw a patch of slimy fungus growing on her leg. It was too late. The man we captured infected her. My dad told our group channeller to hibernate her, then, with sad face, shot her in the throat. The intire group was sad, and there was like no fun at all around that time. I was sad too, because I couldn't help much with anything. Raidoria, the healer twin of Rennolia, walked up and offerred me basic first aid training. I was quite surprised, but mindfully accepted. It may have been the last I could get, since it wasn't safe around anymore.

My fear was right two days after. We were abruptly woken again. This time, I saw the killer. They were all coverred in fungus, fought diffrent and looked diffrent. Some of them looked like tatterred former soldiers who didn't have mind anymore, some of them were magical users, some of them were range fighters, some of them were inidentifiable, and some of them even carried weird things not suitable for fighters, such as instrument case or herb pouches. It was like the mixture of everything, and it was also brutal. We stood and fought back, but there were too many of them. Only 4 of us barely made it out alive. The infesteds didn't give us time. They started chasing us, and finally, we were down to two, only me and my dad. There were only two arrows left in my dad's quiver, and mine was empty. my dad landed two shots, killing two of them, and he stood and fight despite a dagger lodged in his chest. He told me to flee, but I didn't, so he pulled the dagger out of his chest and projected it at me. More infesteds came, and I was forced to flee. I returned sometime after to find my dad barely alive. He gave me the last word to carry on, help those who deserve and bring peace back to the land, and he died in my arms. I had no idea what to do or where to go, so i started trying to blend myself with my surroundings. I journeyed wild to wild, city to city, until I came to the lost land. I was surprised to see the majority of good people and heard the news about the infested hunters organization. Artus, as a homeless wanderrer, wanderred in the land, trying to seek out where the organization was and started improving myself once again.

Looks like that's all before I become who I am now, ranger and wanderer. I love what I do, and I'll not stop, no matter what. I must be as good as my dad one day, I really must. And for sure, I'll not, and won't ever make enemy except infesteds and threats to the land. I hold the pride of being a Tse Gaiyan, and I hold the spirit of being the only one alive in my family. I'll never let myself down, until I see the light of peace shining upon the land once again.

(Out of character portion)

Despite what Artus wrote above, there're some fun, actually not fun, facts about him, described as follows :
1. Those who don't know Artus often think he was close, quiet or dreamy. But once he gets to know someone, his true personallity comes out. Artus is sometimes quiet and has inside world in his mind, that's for sure. Yet he's also playful and collective. He likes something naturally beautiful, and likes the peace of the wild.
2. Despite what he wrote about himself above, and despite his kind, calm and easy personallity, sometimes people find his frenzy during a fight, or stuck minded during a work that must be done. Artus is not the serious type of person, just when he overdoes something, he has hard time getting his mind off it.
3. Artus, when alone, if not doing anything in particular, often puts himself to sleep or let nature calm his mind. This is because he always struggles with his inside emotion. It causes him to show unsteady personallity sometimes, though very rare. (modern term : he's sufferring from post trauma stress disorder and later, narcolepsy, lol.)
4. One unique thing about artus is, most of the time, when asked, he says "yar" instead of "yes".
5. If there's a situation Artus has to deal with, and if he has a chance to choose not to fight, he'd go for it. There was a possibility that if nothing ever happenned to his group, he would become a really kind man who helped more than hunted.
6. He smiles often, and usually deals with problem by smiling and thinking calmly. Artus is optimistic.
More information goes ic...

And why do I have to post this in the ic topic :
I actually submitted Artus' story to once, but got no response and I decided to change his story a bit to fit clok world more, so I rewrote it again and put it here. If any gm thinks it doesn't belong here, drop me a pm and feel free to delete the topic, but please, take everything i posted along before you do so. It was hard to write. Fortunately, I got a file for everything, but still can't really say if it'll be here long enough before I have to redo something with the story again.
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Re: Artus Arzaria : mercy within

Post by Alexander » Sat Dec 19, 2015 11:53 pm

A delightful read. Thank you for sharing your character's story.
(Alexander clenches a fist momentarily, then stops and calms himself with visible effort.)

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