Schaelva's history

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Schaelva's history

Postby Tangela » Mon Dec 21, 2015 9:39 pm

Schaelva grew up as the Illegitimate daughter of one of the noble Huec families. She trained with a band of Huec warriors from a young age to be a guard for her brother, heir to the family titles. She was disciplined, proud, and strong-willed, fighting for personal glory and honor, and developed a strong familial relationship with the men and women of her unit. However, those in power feared that Schaelva would not be content with the life of a warrior, and bribed or threatened the members of her force to see her removed. They loved her well, so rather than kill her outright, they convinced her to undergo a particularly stringent testing, which she agreed to readily. Of course, they exiled her to Arad, where the quarantine would allow her to live, but ensured that she would never return. However, at least for now, Schaelva believes her time in the lost lands is only a test of her discipline and skills, thus she will seem proud, prickly, and distant. She has a number of unusual customs, such as her belief that sharing one's face is incredibly intimate, to be done only with close friends or when killing. She also believes all things should be measured against the overall goal of success in combat— so while crafting is fine as it raises morale, it should never be the life's work. She believes strongly that a people's strength lies in its ability to fight, and in the good of the overall force over the individual warrior, so she will gladly give food or other supplies to a greater warrior if it means a victory. She will likely be difficult to rp with at first, since she is learning local customs as well as being naturally aloof and a bit xenophobic, but I quite like her and am excited to see what she can do in the world of clok.

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