Vide and farren : All at once!

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Vide and farren : All at once!

Post by artus » Thu Jan 21, 2016 7:19 pm

Thought of sending this via Clok email, but sharing it here would be better, as Clok email tends to be overwhelm by messages and reports from time to time. People will be able to know it too, if I post it here. So let's start here...
*Errors, spelling and name correction will come after. Sorry if there's something odd here. I just wrote it down a few seconds ago.*

"Vide" Videra Vando Rando : There comes the true spirit of "crafty Rando"!

From a free man of Ain eeldo and a parren woman sailor, to an energetic, healthy little baby. Videra Vando Rando, (pronounced "Vai-day-r"), was born in the middle of winter in a small coastal town. He's been known since born of his tallent in crafting, although he ended up breaking things most of the time due to his curiosity of trying new methods. His family fished for a living, and little Vide, as he always wanted people to call him so, had a chance to be on the fishing boat several times. He eventually became a good spearfisher and helped his family out, as well as seeking new crafting materials to work on. He got along with blacksmiths, herbalists, woodsmen and any crafters in the town well enough to get some tips and show them his interest and tallent, but no one ever dared to give him their precious material after the first horribly failed atemp..
The lack of proper knowledge and his craziness over crafting gradually increased to the level when he couldn't stand his urge anymore. He left a note and all but 200 of his riln, packed his stuff, dressed up and hid himself in the cargo ship that arrived illegally at night, only to find out that it was the cargo ship that sent goods to the pirates cove in lost land. He made it to the cove and stealthily sneaked out without anyone noticing, then hid himself again in the imported goods ship to Haiban. And there is where his journey began!

Farren Fraydos : A call from an outland Tse gaiyan.

It was sometime ago when the infesteds walked all over the land. Good beings were turned or killed. Two of them were a travelling herbalist and his wife, who still had last chance to drop their baby in a merchant's wagon before committing suicide. Disgusted, the merchant gave that baby to his farmer friend, who gladly took and raised him as his only son. Farren Fraydos grew up with hatred toward infesteds. Despite his stepfather's wish to have him take care of the field, he started practicing combat skills, hoping that he would one day be accepted as a member of the Tse Gaiyan so he could legally hunt down infesteds. His wish came true, as a Gaiyan hunter incidentally found and talk to him in the village tavern. Farren stepped out of his lovely home, giving his father the last promise that he'd return after things were delt with. He came with the hunter to the closest Tse Gaiyan chapterhouse, and signed himself as Utasa. He also signed further that he wanted to come help those in the quarrentine. For that, hhe was sent through the eastern river and docked at mistral lake with the only order to "Find someone called Sethon at the Shandi Gaff".
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