Night Terrors

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Night Terrors

Postby Lun » Thu Mar 23, 2017 6:15 pm

((An excerpt from Zeel's private journal))

With every step I took, the fog around me became increasingly thick. At first, it was only like a thin layer of gauze, but slowly, it concentrated to the point where light was unable to penetrate it.

A suppressive atmosphere spread out along with a thick smell of blood. I hid, while keeping my mind on high alert, as I waited for something.

It was sudden. I heard a loud noise, a flash of light, a trail of smoke, and heard the impact of a body hitting the floor.

"Zeel, you're going to be alright..." a voice cried weakly from in front of me.

I lost him, again.

Make the dreams stop
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Re: Night Terrors

Postby Lun » Thu Mar 23, 2017 6:21 pm

"Lonely... I'm so lonely... come down and stay with me..."

It was like the song of a siren as she called errant sailors. My steps paused, eyes flashing for a brief moment in the dim light.

My originally dark, dim surroundings suddenly erupted as if in springtime. I was there, at a springtime picnic, so familiar, so ancient.

At this moment, in front of me, stood her. She wore a long, red skirt, and her figure was slender and exquisite.

"Stay with me! Follow me!" A gentle whisper rang in my ear. This woman was... Tiffany!

Her frown and her smile, everything was the same as in my memories. But I knew she was long dead, that this was an illusion.

I called forth the nether to protect me from my visions.

"Zeel, what are you doing? Why do I feel as if I sense from your body, you... you want to..." This "Tiffany" covered her mouth with her hands, her eyes filling with a hidden bitterness and sadness.

"Zeel, could it be you want to harm me...?" 'Tiffany' stretched out her hands, as if wanting to touch Zeel.

"Monster, you cannot fool my eyes. I can not let you live!" My voice, hoarse from screaming.

The spell was cast. I awoke again, sweat dripping from my brow.

I can't stop remembering, but my memories are twisting.

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