Weekend Potluck in Mistral Lake!

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Weekend Potluck in Mistral Lake!

Postby Avedri » Wed Jun 10, 2015 2:52 pm


An elegant script has been posted on the town board in Mistral Lake

Want to meet new people? Catch up with some old friends? This Citisday at the eleventh bell, just prior to zenith come fellowship and socialize at the Mistral Lake Potluck! We will be near the benches on the waterfront walk. Cook or bring a favorite dish of your choosing to share. Mummers and other performers welcome!


Calling all cooks, let's put those new spices from Haiban to use! Let's make sure you got everyone who you could possibly want on your friends list! Want to make sure someone sees you as a good friend rather than an associate? Woo them at the waterfront. This is happening Saturday, 11am server time. Hope to see everyone there.

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