Carpentry containers and quantity

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Carpentry containers and quantity

Post by artus » Mon Sep 09, 2019 4:19 am

I hope this doesn't come off as bashing or offensive or anything. I've just discovered that store bought chests/etc actually can hold more than the same built containers. Adding to the fact that store bought items can be customized, this makes store bought items look better in general. Quality doesn't make the item hold more or look better besides having quality flag attached to it. Acordding to a player, some players don't really see much point doing carpentry work besides the fact that it enables making stuffs that otherwise aren't available, like racks and such. But for normal containers, it's not worth it. This makes carpentry somewhat, if not quite a lot less profittable than it otherwise should. Could something be done to improve it in any ways?
Thank you in advance, regardless.;)
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Re: Carpentry containers and quantity

Post by Jirato » Mon Sep 09, 2019 2:27 pm

We'll look into it. If both the store bought and the player made items have the same noun and base weight, they should probably both hold the same amount...
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