A couple ideas, again

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A couple ideas, again

Post by artus » Tue Dec 22, 2015 6:16 am

Everyone knows Artus always comes up with some crazy ideas, and as always...let's see what i have now :

1. Actually, not to say when you butcher something, you don't just get skin, meat or feather, also bones and particular organs as well. but now i'm not gonna mention this...my request is, cookable or at least boilable vegetables and fruits, please. (actually meat should be boilable too...)

*you eat some boiled fox meat, finishing it off in one go.

2. Being in the rain all day ooc makes people have nasty cold for weeks, but are pcs on clok so strong that they never have cold when they have to be showerred by rain all day long? Not to mention other common sickness that occurs from time to time, some even make people die ooc, but lol, i'm crazy anyway.

3. This one isn't really an idea, i'd call it a crazy thing that popped up in my mind after talking to sona ic. wWould be awesome if one can gather sample, or cut sample of...something, without having to ruin the intire item.
4. boxes, chests, strongboxes, containers everywhere. sometimes there're too many, and hard to sort, except if you drag them near the trash barrel and start sorting. Is there any possible way to implement something to get rid of them?

5. Grinding some fruit into juice of some kind...actually ancient people did that, so does make sense. More fruits should be nice too.:)

6. Burying stuff is easy as pie when it comes to rl, but on clok, why can't we bury anything and have a chance to dig up newly burried item if we bury the wring one, and the old ones we bury just faid to dirt when time goes?

7. Cooking is dirty, carving or crafting stuff is dirty too, so go cleaning! It would be fun if you find your house stack with stuff as it is, and also dirty so you'd need mop and stuff to clean it?

Lol, looks like that's it for now. Artus can't come up with anything more.:) note that everything is up to everyone though. I'm just saying
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