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Tutorial Comments

Post by Dorn » Sat Feb 25, 2017 6:42 am

I'm not sure how to lay this all out, but someone pointed out a few discrepancies between the Tutorial and how things are currently in the game so I thought I'd roll a character to go through it all and take a look myself.

I'm going to go through it via Room, I think to break it down. Some of these will be more opinion based, than "errors".

-[Text-based Games] (OOC) (In)
Once a character comes to this room, there is no real indication as to what they should do after. If this is truly a person's first text based game, it might be an idea to have an exit which then loops them back to the "The Interface" room to continue to Tutorial instead of assuming the player will make the connection that they should go south and east to continue.

-[Commands] (OOC) (In)
Because the game is RP-focused in many ways (I'm not getting into the argument of labels of RPI, bla bla bla. You're here. You RP. You have to.) and our Socials are fairly limited in how they can be altered beyond who you direct it at, I personally feel like there should be a little section on the EMOTE command in this room.

-[Guilds] (OOC) (In)
Some rewording might be needed here, regarding "guild advancement". While it was a requirement in the past for learning abilities, it no longer is. While I realize it is still in the game as OOC information, it offers no benefit or purpose beyond being a leftover of the old system. (Unless I am totally mistaken)

-[Being Guildless] (OOC) (In)
It incorrectly states we have 18 ability points, should be 19.

While the tutorial mentions being able to remove your pendant/tune to get rid of thoughts, it doesn't actually let you do so during the tutorial as it says you do not have access to the thought network. Even if you remove it, the player still kept getting ESP thoughts come in. While they're trying to read and go through documents, it was heavily distracting and I was asked a lot as to how they could stop it for now while they went through the tutorial. It might be something that needs to be examined.

I find it odd that the list has removed the Claws, includes Thieves, but doesn't have Lorekeepers or Harbingers on there personally!
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