Writing and Forms of Parchments

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Writing and Forms of Parchments

Post by ironcross32 » Thu Nov 09, 2017 2:31 pm

I was having a conversation on chat, wishing for the ability to write more than once on a parchment and saying how I thought the forms of parchment could have more writing space. I was told by a GM that mechanically, all of the styles you can buy, letters, notes, memos, slips, missives, etc. are the same.

I would like to see a change to this, each one weighing different amounts, and giving different amounts of writing space. I would also like to see you be able to add new lines to a piece of parchment if needed, and if there is space. I could see, for realism's sake, to limit each line to a certain number of characters, and limit the number of lines each can take. Slips would probably be the least, and probably used for labels. It actually might be nice if there were a form of glue you could use to affix a slip to something after you've written on it to change the way it looks, for instance, a wool package with the label, "Severe Wounds".

A practical reason I could see for the ability to add new lines to a parchment would be for businesses, taking orders, for instance, Frederick the Blacksmith needs to make 100 nails for Shaelderva, a flanged mace for Kalnerk, and some hoops for . He talks to these people individually, and maybe at different times, but he writes up an order sheet with this information. It would also be nice for paying someone for work, on one line you could write, hired Joerg, Thampson, Reihl, Hamish, and Xakaria at 3 bells and one chime post Zenith, and on another, write the end time, and that way you know if you want to pay x amount per bell, you can calc that up.

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Re: Writing and Forms of Parchments

Post by Noctere » Thu Nov 09, 2017 4:04 pm

One other thing to consider is that the game does have multi-paged books that you can write into. Check out the bookstores in Shadgard, Mistral Lake and Haiban.
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