Improvements to categories

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Improvements to categories

Post by ironcross32 » Fri Dec 01, 2017 9:53 am

So, we do have limited category support, like if you have a handcart or a wagon, you could type sell bar, or something to that effect. I'd like to see this improved overall though. One area where it is burdensome is fishing. When you cut fillets, you cannot simply trans fillet from ground to backpack or whatever, as you still have to use the name of the fish. And if most of your catches are different types of fish, it can take a while to do. Maybe for a sighted person its not so bad as they could just look at the screen and command stack the whole thing, but for screen reader users, its a little bit more of an issue. It's not like it can't be done, but it involves more of look in backpack and the like, because it would have tended to scroll off the screen, or up so high that we would need to use review commands to find it, making the process take even longer. If we could type trans fillet though, it would be a lot easier.

maybe this isn't as feasible, but another thing I wish we had in the same regard is to use a targeting adjective with a * to indicate all of that type, When you have animal meat, its not such a big deal, as you can simply do trans cooked meat or trans raw meat from place1 to place2, but when you are dealing with fish, you need to use the name of the fish, and there the issue comes again where it takes longer because of having to look up everything you need. This could be useful for herbs as well, trans ground * from place1 to place2, or trans fresh * from place1 to place2.

I would be very appreciative if something could be worked in,and maybe my ideas of how it could be done wouldn't work, but maybe there is still a way to do it, either way I would love this, and it was save time and aggravation.

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Re: Improvements to categories

Post by jilliana » Mon Dec 04, 2017 12:19 am

I remember I posted this idea when I was new to CLOK. I'd still love to see it. :)
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