Battle trance, transformations, and stacking effects

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Battle trance, transformations, and stacking effects

Post by eextreme » Tue Dec 12, 2017 10:36 pm

I'm not sure if the game already has them (since I'm a new player) but the following should add some flavor to combat.

With a skill the user would be able to transform themselves into a animal, creature, or being and engages the enemy until the enemy dies. The attack from the transformation will have different types and buffs.

For example, you can transform into a thunder lion or something and as you claw, bite, swipe, pounce, crush, etc you have a chance to do extra thunder damage. Or transform in to a shadow viper and constrict, poison, bite, wrap your enemies and dodge by fading into the shadows.

Of course, each transformation will have its own weakness (whether they are elemental or species related. E.g some weapons would deal more damage to ethereal creatures)

Battle trance skills is another one where as you keep fighting an enemy and become more injured or tired you gain bonuses as long as you are engaged with the same opponent. This could come in the form of increase in dodge, parry, counter chance, and damage mitigation.

As for stacking effects skills, there could be something like infusions where whenever you hit an enemy you would mark them with runes, curses, or debuff, and there would be skills that would deal damage based on how many marks, or consumes the marks to deal status effects or burst damage on an active skill (to balance things there should only allow to be one "mark" per body part)

I look forward to your feedback on the suggestions above.

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Re: Battle trance, transformations, and stacking effects

Post by Marauder » Tue Dec 12, 2017 10:43 pm

Shapeshifting seems like a highly lore-conflicting idea and most certainly wouldn't give access to elemancy.

The idea for a battle trance ability is alright, but doesn't really seem like it'd fit in most guilds.

The last one is more or less something closer to what a Rook might be able to accomplish with the aid of nethrim, but with the way you explained it, it also seems lore-conflicting. Magic in CLOK is not fingerwaving at all, runes have to be carved or painted.

If you can explain how, in the lore, a man would become a lion with the ability to channel what I assume you mean is lightning, then it might be a bit better.

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Re: Battle trance, transformations, and stacking effects

Post by Jirato » Wed Dec 13, 2017 3:48 am

First, welcome to CLOK. I'm always glad to see new players sharing ideas, and I appreciate you taking the time to share.

Unfortunately, while these ideas may be cool for a non-RP hack and slash MUD, we're pretty heavily limited to what we can implement based off of lore. We also strive to keep a pretty balanced combat difficulty, and to be honest, even if we we weren't constrained by the lore, I feel all three suggestions would pretty much break any sense of combat difficulty.

They just don't fit the flavor of the game. They feel like they'd be better off suited for one of those anime-inspired MUDs out there. In fact, I'm fairly sure at least two of those three suggestions are straight out of an anime... I actually DO like that kind of stuff, but it's not for CLOK.
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