Offensive Tactics Buff

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Offensive Tactics Buff

Postby Marauder » Thu Jan 04, 2018 5:06 pm

Just as the title says. I know we're not really a game that's meant to have a ton of combat balance, but there are some things in the game that that really offer no real benefit for everyone involved and instead only benefit those who have to use it for other things. Such a thing that anyone can be tricked into using until they use the other tactics, is tactics offense. It reduces your defensive rolls immensely but still lets you defend, even if it's now extremely rare, but other than that, it barely bumps your max hit roll up when almost all, if not all defensive tactics offer you less penalty for greater gain. Example A being evasive tactics compared to offensive tactics, your max dodge roll suddenly gains roughly double compared to going offensive where your max melee hit roll gains a small percentage, vaguely around +25%.

Yes, you cannot parry or block and your attack roll is reduced in evasive tactics, but in the long run, it's better than offensive because you lose less. Your attack roll does not go below half and you now dodge way, way better on average. Again, compare this to the roughly twenty five percent bonus to melee roll and the what? Fifty or seventy-five percent reduction across the board to defenses?

I propose a buff to offensive tactics. Give it more attack rating bonus, don't give it much more, if any further defensive rating scaling, because that'd just benefit the Dwaedn Wyr more than anyone and they don't need any more benefits.

Right now it's too much to trade for such minimal gain unless the opponent is extremely unskilled compared to you.

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Re: Offensive Tactics Buff

Postby jilliana » Tue Jan 09, 2018 2:27 pm

This has been one of those things about the game that has always frustrated me. In the time I've played I've used offensive tactic a handful of times, tops because the change is so drastic. Some people seem to like it though.
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Re: Offensive Tactics Buff

Postby Jirato » Tue Jan 09, 2018 2:49 pm

All tactics, besides 'none' are meant to be situational. The fact that you've only used it a handful of times is intended. If we've got people running around training full-time in tactics offense, dodge, or parry, then we've got a problem.
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Re: Offensive Tactics Buff

Postby Marauder » Tue Jan 09, 2018 2:59 pm

I don't run any of them except neutral/no tactics most of the time. The issue is, Jirato, that in the situations where offensive tactics would be helpful, it's a better idea to switch to a defensive tactic or stay in neutral unless you have an ability that caters to tactics offense.

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Re: Offensive Tactics Buff

Postby Lun » Wed Jan 10, 2018 6:43 pm

Thanks for bringing it up, Marauder! I agree with Jirato in the sense that "tactics aren't meant to be on all the time." Tactics are there to adjust to a situation, and can be used to power through a difficult opponent.

Does the game itself accurately reflect that? Not necessarily. By going into an offensive tactic, you end up sacrificing all of your defenses for an accuracy bonus, where the resulting damage can be anywhere from a pin prick to a single shot. But that goes into the concept of it being a tactic--it's not appropriate for everyone to use, or to use all the time. So whereas someone using a flail might benefit from being able to slay something in one hit, tactics offense for a brawler or a dagger wielder is going to be trash at best.

Is using tactics to shift numbers around the best way to go about training? Hands down, yes. Is staying in one tactics regardless of situation appropriate? Not quite.

Now two cents on tactics offense: The way it stands, I never use it. Defensives are king in this game - being able to mitigate damage is much more important if you're not an instigator. But therein it plays back into the concept of it being a tactic - use it to open, then take advantage of your tactics mastery to switch to a normal stance in order to fight at your most optimal state, while your opponent has now suffered from a serious wound, reducing their chances of winning.

Is this method of thought and fighting an easy thing to accomplish by all players of all tiers of skill? Absolutely not. Therefore it is not an ACCESSIBLE method of fighting. But it is a grossly underused method of fighting, as most people look at an opponent and autobattle.

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